Friday, 1 August 2008

4. Back home

Just back from the Cupola Bobber Summer School after a great week (see t-h-r-o-w-i-n-g for a full post, when I get the chance). Dad has taped BBC2's 'The Tudors' on VHS for some context, and I watched a bit of it last night. It's not that bad a show, but it has a lot of sex and shouting in it and it's still quite dull. In fact, neither of us like it that much, but we still watch it, as if life wasn't short at all but really really long.
Dad has been reading 'A Book of England' and 'Afoot in England' (I am building up a library of books with 'England' in the title), and maybe he will find some interesting stuff to make a show about. Other news is that the Battersea Arts Centre are holding a scratch night for live art / performance that concerns the family, deadline in mid-August, which we are going to apply for. No idea what the shape of the show will be but the slots are 10 minutes each.

More soon. SB.

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