Thursday, 1 January 2009

26. Happy New Year / New Year Plans

Dear You All -

Happy New Year from Me & My Dad!

It seems fitting to announce our plans for 2009, which are largely the result of the five scratch shows we performed between September and December the last. In November Battersea Arts Centre offered us a week's residency between 26th and 31st January, for their the New Year, New Spaces programme which will culminate in 2 evenings of showings. Shortly after the BAC invitation, we were offered a £2000 commission and residency the Nuffield Theatre in Lancaster to develop the work into a half-hour show for festivals and studio spaces. Effectivey, the Nuffield money pays for the time at BAC, extending the time we will have to make the work to three weeks. After the Nuffield Commission was in place, we were also offered a residecy at Leeds Met Studio Theatre in September, as well as the chance to show a WIP for the new student intake at Leeds Met, and other venues have expressed an interest in booking the work upon completion.
All this is formimg the basis of an application to Arts Council England Grants for the Arts, which we will submit at the end of the first working week in January. Most of December was given over to tweaking the ACE bid, with Christmas, Bargaintide and New Year providing a welcome break from spreadsheets and the like.

More news on this soon, but for now, thanks to everyone who supported us in 2008 and Happy 2009!

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