Monday, 22 June 2009

45. Camden People's Theatre 24th/25th June / Father's Day Belated


Okay so 24th / 25th June (Weds / Thurs) Me & Dad on at Camden People's Theatre. Looking forward to it. Double Bill with Sylvia Rimat (happily).

Yesterday we went down the Royal for a father's day pint-and-a-half (I had some kind of Dunham Massey, he had Hydes Original) (picture soon). There's a bookshelf by the chairs we always sit at and on it there's a copy of Redgrave's Factory Act (1966). Dad is more familiar with earlier versions but it used to be The Bible when he worked as a draughtsman in the steel trade. So he got it off the shelf (like he always always does) and told me some Trade Union trivia. And he asked me what books I'd been reading (I said: "The Book Thief") and he said he had been reading the Grapes of Wrath. And He told me how sad it was. He doesn't tend to get sad or sentimental about things so it was was sort of enjoyable to seeing him acting like that.

More soon.

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